Monday Morning Motivation....Be of Good Courage.

It is hard to understand the pain of any situation unless you experience it yourself.  Sometimes I don't understand the depth of my own pain.  It seems whenever I listen to a sermon that has to do with severe life circumstances divorce is always mentioned.  The sermon I listened to this week included a quote that grouped cancer and divorce in the same sentence. How are we supposed to survive these awful things you ask?
"Where others fail you God never will.  He is the one rock you can build your life on"
Pastor at The Summit Church

                 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart 
Psalm 27:

It's Monday.  No matter your life situation, be it good or bad, get out of bed, spend time with God, then hold your head up high and face the day.  Remember God walks beside you.
God Bless & Happy Monday


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