Deposition Continued Page 22-23 "I Plead the Fifth"....Again and Again

Here we go again.  How many times can you plead the fifth in a deposition?  I guess as many as you like.  The line questioning has to do with a time prior to my knowledge of his intent to leave.  My guess, but I am not entirely sure, is that some of this occurred when we were on our family vacation.

Joanne:  "In the spring, April and May of 2013 did you leave your, quote, running phone, for lack of a better description with a third party, and did you in fact call that phone from your iPhone?"

JV:    "I'll take the Fifth Amendment to remain silent."

Joanne:  "If your bills which were subpoenaed and furnished a copy to your lawyer show that you talked on one day over four --I think four and a half hours from between your phone and your running phone, could you tell me who you would have been speaking to?"

JV:  "I'll remain silent"

Joanne:   "And if those bills showed that the next day you spent two and a half hours speaking between your running phone and your iPhone, do you recall who that would have been with?"

JV:  "I'll take the Fifth Amendment on that as well"

Joanne:  "And if you, in fact, have the running phone so that your phone calls couldn't be traced; it would look like you're talking to yourself for four hours?"

JV:  "Absolutely not"

Well, at least we know he was not speaking to himself.

I am just so glad God does not change.  His promises are true,, He will never leave us or forsake us.
Some may say that I am angry and this is why I am sharing my story.  Truth be known I am angry at what he has done to our family, but I am no longer angry with him.  I forgive him because that is what God calls us to do.  Not that he has ever asked. I am just telling my story to let others know they are not alone and they can make it regardless of the pain.


  1. It is incredible how some people can hide who they really are, or what activities they are engaged in, for years. When the other party to the relationship finds out, it can be devastating. The process of leaving takes time and patience.


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