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The Journey: Hire an Attorney.

"I would not have enough to survive if I did not have my lawyer to protect me." KathieyV (2013)
(Disclaimer-I am not an expert.  This information is just based on my experience
and may not work in your situation.)

I remember when I was first thrown away the shock I felt left me feeling off balance and confused.  I did not know what I should be doing so I did nothing.  Doing nothing was probably the most damaging thing I could have done.

In my mental fog, I remember hearing the same advice from nearly everyone I encountered.  "Don't sign anything," Hire an attorney."  Well I did listen, and I did not sign anything, but I was slow in hiring an attorney.  In my mind at the time I could not endure the effort it would take to initiate this process I did not think I could deal with further stress.  I was wrong in this decision it only made things worse.  I did finally hire an attorney.

Part of my hesitation came from the simple fact that I did not know who I s…

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