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Separation, Divorce, and Stress Relief; Let's Try Prayer

I am now about five years removed from the time my husband decided to leave without any attempt to heal whatever he thought was wrong and without any expressed warning to me.  He had made up his mind to leave, and that is what he did.
Needless to say separation and divorce tend to lead those of us left in the rubble prone to stress.  As I was researching the subject I found one way many relieve overwhelming stress is through prayer.

(Please note: I am not an expert, the following are just my thoughts and beliefs, with a few things thrown in that I found online.)

I found on many sites that prayer can act as a buffer against stress and can help those who are experiencing stress to gain more of a sense of purpose and peace.  Prayer can have the same benefit as meditation such as decreasing blood pressure, increasing immunity, and optimism.  Talking to God helps us cope with our problems and is a source of comfort and strength.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situat…

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