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Ask The Divorce Lady; The Afterlife

Dear Divorce Lady; How do you envision the perfect afterlife for the narcissistic male that intentionally damages others with no regard for the pain they leave behind?
My Answer Their afterlife, if I were in charge, would look like this. All these so-called men would find themselves on a gigantic island; it would have to be enormous to hold all of them. I don't picture this as a lovely tropical island but more of an asphalt island, devoid of all natural beauty. They would wander the island with all the same character flaws they had in their prior lives, but they would have no outlet for the cravings produced by these flaws. The lack of the ability to lie, cheat, steal and envision themselves above all others would slowly deplete them until they realized just how wrong they had been in life.

If you are wondering if they could ever leave this island, I would say it is possible. But knowing there are consequences for all of our actions this would not be easy. First, they would have …

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