My Story My Divorce...The Pain...Deposition Continued....

I am not going to mention this persons name in order to protect her.  If there was an affair, which I had suspected for years and which was confirmed to me by someone close to the situation, I blame Joe far more then her.  Although she is a very intelligent person and should have known better, he was in a position of authority and I believe owes this person, her family, me, and God an apology for all the damage caused.  I do get the feeling that X feels he is above any need for apology to God or anyone else and that is sad.  Life is short and judgement comes to all of us.
I will call her Grace because she is a nice person and I care deeply for her and her family.  She is an example of a person that is able to live her life for God, in spite of possibly damaging choices, and I respect that.

Deposition continued, Page 11-14 ....

JA (My attorney):   "Was it in 2008 that she asked you if you wanted a divorce?"

 X (Joe Voshell):  "You know, I can't remember the year"

JA:  "Did it have anything to do with Grace?"

Banter back and forth about the 5th amendment between attorneys

JA:   "At that time did it have anything to do with a woman named Grace?"

Solomon (Joe's attorney):   "Are you going to take the 5th?"

X:   "Sure, Sure"

Solomon: "Take the 5th amendment."

X: "Ok I will take the 5th amendment on that"

More banter about the 5th between the attorneys 

JA:  "Who was Grace?"

X:  "I claim my right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment"

JA:  "Even telling me who she was?"

X:    "Yes"
Interesting.  He worked with Grace for nearly 20 years and suddenly did not know her.  If there was no guilt the questions could have easily and honestly been answered.  In my opinion there is no need to plead the 5th if there is nothing to hide. Extremely sad!

JA:  "Ok, was Grace an employee there at some point in your tenure?"

X:  "I claim my right to remain silent".

JA:  "And was there a concern raised by some of the church leadership with regard to you and Grace    being in your study for long periods of time?"

X: "I claim my right to remain silent".

JA: "and did your study initially have a solid wooden door?"

Solomon: "Plead the Fifth"

X:  "I claim my right to remain silent".

JA: "And did the church in fact come and change out that door from a wooden door to a door that had a partial glass insert in it so that, you know, you would be visible?"

X: "That was my decision.  I wanted all the doors to have that"

JA: "Okay, you made that decision?"

X: "Yes"

JA: "And the church went along with it?"

X: "Sure"

JA:   "Were you approached by any membership of the church expressing concern about your relationship with Grace?"

X: "I claim my right to remain silent"

JA: "Do you know Randy H.?"

X: "I claim my right to remain silent".

JA: "To whether or not you know Randy H.?  How about T.M. (Todd)?"

X: "I claim my right to remain silent"
Ok, I need to look for God's beauty now....

That makes me feel better:-)
If you are going through a similar situation just hang on.  God is with you and loves you.  
Just look around and you will see God's beauty even in the pain.
God bless!


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