My Story My Divorce....The Pain...."The Deposition"

On Jan 14, 2014 my husband was deposed.  I was allowed to be present but I was not allowed to speak.  His attorney was there, my attorney,  a court reporter and me. It was difficult to listen as he pled the fifth many many many times and said things I was unaware of or disagreed with.

My responses are in parentheses....

Page 10,
Question: "Tell me when you first made the decision to leave the marriage to Kathy?"

Answer:" It was a series-- I mean it was--there's not one particular date.  The Christmas before, which would be what, Dec. 2012 or --that range, say six months before, had a lot of discussions with my mother over it, who went back and stayed in a marriage that she regrets, and I think that was-- that did impact on me, to still try throughout the spring, wavering back and forth about this, just undecided.  It was a huge decision."  (Thats right, blame your mom)

Question "When did you first start thinking about it?"
Answer "A couple of years ago she asked me if I wanted a divorce and she could handle life without me.." (I wanted to say Object, but I could not.  I just sat there wondering who this person, I thought I knew, had become.  Or perhaps I was just beginning to realize who he had always been and that my trust in him had blinded me)

If you are going through a similar situation please know you are not alone.  You have a God who loves you and has promised to never leave you or forsake you.  Stand strong and God Bless


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