Forcing Myself Out....Falls Lake

Who would have thought after 37 years of marriage I would have found myself here, now separated and working my way into an unwanted and unnecessary divorce.  I guess it takes two.  I decided I would join a local divorce and separation support group with the hopes of both support and diversion.  I think I have found both in this group.  Nice people and a range of activities from camping, biking and running to days at the lake and many things in between.  Several weeks ago we went to a local church for a comedy show.  I was only about a month into this mess at the time, and in too much pain to really have fun, but it was nice to get out.
Last week I went with them to Falls Lake for a picnic.  I have lived here all these years and have never been.  It was lovely.
I spent some time sitting out on this dock by myself in thought and prayer.  My attempt at healing.

The lake was really nice.  Someone described the lake as finger lakes..

Sixty people came out for this event and they brought all kinds of food.  We had salads, several types of meats on the grill, desserts, watermelon.  It was a feast.  If you know me I love to try new recipes and just enjoy cooking in general.  I have done very little of this since my nightmare began.  It was an effort just to get out of bed on the day of the picnic.  I forced myself to get up, run by the little store down the street, and pick up a couple of large bottles of Coke.  This is not my norm.  I cook very little now and have very little in my fridge.  Hopefully I can come back to the enjoyment of cooking but not yet.  Lucky for the group there were many who brought some delicious food.
It was an overcast day and not many folks at the lake so we ended up with a nice shelter with a couple of charcoal grills...

Many highlights at the gathering today.  Very nice people, great location and food, and who would have guessed I would get to ride in a Model T.

I am very thankful for this group.  It is nice to meet folks in all stages of this process that are trying to grab all the enjoyment they can out of life even in a less than ideal situation.  It was a fun, light day with new friends.
If you are in the same boat as me I suggest you try to find a support type group.  I found this group through
Get out and explore.
Enjoy Your World


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