Anxiety....Part 1 Ignoring it is not an option....

I enjoy reading the divorce section of the HuffPost.  There is a wealth of information on the subject as well as the people it effects and their stories.  I came across a short article today called...
by Bill Douglas
I know the stress I felt in the beginning and the stress that lingers is the end product of an unwanted separation and divorce.  Knowing the emotional and physical effects it had/has on me I am not surprised to see Bill's list of The Top Ten Most Stressful Events.  Divorce and separation are # 2 and 3 just under the death of a spouse.  I call it "like a death but with intent".

Bill gives 7 pointers to deal with anxiety.  The first....
Ignoring it is not an option-  Initially, that is all I did.  Ignore my new responsibilities.  I even went so far as giving my "walk away husband" the job of continuing to handle my bank account and pay my bills for me.  Yes I was still trusting him.  Not a good thing!!!!
I ignored my bills, my mail, the fact that I needed an attorney and the list goes on.  Lucky I did finally hire an attorney and she put me on the proper path,  after looking at me like I was crazy:-)
I still ignore some things but I am doing much better.
So if you are in my boat.  Stop ignoring.  I have found the longer we ignore the more difficult things become.
God Bless!


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