Juggling Christmas With Divorced Parents by Elisabeth Joy LaMotte on the Huff Post

When you are divorced or going through a divorce there are many events that should have been wonderful family times that are now complicated and divisive.  Awful what one person's decisions can do to a family.  I would never have made this decision for my family unless there was abuse or adultery.  I later found out, through the legal discovery phase, it should have been me walking out.
I remember thinking when he left "What is this going to do to my daughters, and  my grandson?"  There was little regard for them in this decision.  I found this article on Huff Post. Anyone who says adult children are not affected by divorce have their head in the sand.

Elisabeth Joy LaMotte
Below are 3 of her quotes...

"Navigating the holiday season with divorced parents is somewhat like walking a tightrope"

"People with divorced parents spend countless holidays practicing this precarious act. Sadly, many continue to experience tremendous tension and anxiety related to the holidays and the logistical challenges associated with their parents' divorce."
"Even for adults who know that their parents' divorce was necessary, having divorced parents can be incredibly painful, especially around the holidays" 
Now for Kathiey's thoughts on the issue....
I can't stop the pain that has been caused, but I can do my best to ease it.  When they come to me not knowing how to handle the holidays I just say I leave it up to you.  Whatever makes you most comfortable.  
Traditions from the past need to be discarded and new ones have to be developed.  I am working on that.  
Enjoy your holiday.  Enjoy your family.  No, it is not what it used to be and no, it may not be how it is supposed to be.  But it is what it is and we must move on.  Develop your own new traditions. I will slowly add new ones.  This year I am hosting a cookie baking party with my family. We are also going to attempt to build a Ginger Bread House.  Fun times.
Merry Christmas & God Bless


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