My Story cont…Page 4…."Little Did I Know"

Back to a somewhat better time...I was extremely excited.   What I had hoped for was coming true. (All thanks to my parents giving me a very nice inheritance,  now mostly gone, more to follow on that.)
I could finally afford to take my family on vacation.  I had dreams of many more to come. All of us loaded into two cars and headed to the mountains.
Erica and Caleb ready for travel...
We rented a beautiful home near Waynesville.  I love wood and stone and this house was full of it.  Beautiful!

This would be the last bed where X and I would sleep, and only sleep, together.
Little did I know he was already planning his exit.
Little did I know this would be our first and last family vacation.
Little did I know that I would learn more then I could have ever imagined about his secrets.
Little did I know I would continue to learn what was hidden
even up to this day and probably for years to come.

Little did I know that this smile would turn to tears and depression.

Little did I know this would be our last family photo...
 X spent much of his time on the phone.  He warned me of this when we arrived.  He said he had so much work to do. He was completely removed from me.  He did manage to go on a few hikes with us and to go out to eat.  The bulk of his time was spent on the phone or jogging?  I would later find through subpoenaed phone records what phone # he called.  It was not work. He spent literally hours on the phone during this trip.  More to follow on this when share the deposition of X.  But we have not made it that far yet….

I had fun on this mountain trip with my family.  Little did I know our family would soon be divided by one person with his own selfish agenda.  Little did I know that this was nothing new. To quote a friend as I look back "the scales fell from my eyes" and I can see more clearly.
To Kathiey..."I will never leave you or forsake you"
From God
(Thank you God! Our one constant:-)


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