Sunday, June 30, 2013

New blog related to the pain of my separation and soon to be divorce

I don't know I arrived here but here I am. I will soon be divorced after 37 years of marriage. I have known for about 4 weeks. It came as a complete surprise, you could say I was blindsided.
This blog is hosted by a Christian woman going through separation and soon to be divorce that is unwanted, unwarranted and unnecessary. It will be an honest and painful account as I go through the stages of grief and hopefully find peace through my faith. I know it will not be easy. I have lost weight, lost sleep, cried everyday and I am showing physical symptoms related to this stress, all the while I am still trying to hold unto God's promise that he is beside me. Not easy.
This will not be fun but I know there are many others out there in the same boat as me. Hopefully we can grow together.
I host another blog....Kathiey's World where I will be attempting to get back to my routine of enjoying my life. I have not done well with this one lately, due to my state of mind, hopefully I will be able to find joy again or at least be able to fake it.
Please bear with me as I get this blog set up. I am in a bad way.

Hope through God's beauty

Hope through God's word
"I will never leave you or forsake you"