Summit Church Sermon of the week with "And Can It Be?"

I try to listen to an online sermon every week.  This week I listened to a sermon found on the Summit Church website.  JD spoke of God's great love and grace to us.  He spoke of his slowness to anger and our choice to follow or ignore him.  If we ignore his teachings how that is our choice not God's.

It's funny.  I visit many churches and tire of the teachings that more or less say there is no condemnation for anything we do.  Basically there are no consequences to our actions.  I would disagree.  So what are God's teachings for if they mean nothing?  I think they do mean something and that if I choose not to follow them I believe I will be separated from God at some point.  But,  I do believe we make mistakes and thankfully God is slow to anger and will draw near to us with compassion and give us time to repent.  Sadly many will continue in sin and never repent.  So, for now,  God waits because he loves us.

Some quotes from the sermon...

"Heaven can only be heaven if there is no sin there"

"How many times has my sin caused somebody else pain or caused them to cry?"

"God’s holiness can’t tolerate sin."

"If you cheat on your wife and you leave her for someone else will your kids suffer because of your actions?  
Of course they will!"

"A pardon is only a pardon if it is received.  It can be refused."

Thank you God for being slow to anger.  Thank you for such a strong love for us that you wait.  I know it is our choice to separate ourselves from you, please don't allow me to do that with my life.  Help me to always choose you and if I ever turn away lead me back quickly.  Direct my path Lord.  I love you!


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