Divorce, The Journey...."Just do it" The House

Divorce is all incompassing.  Responsibilities that were once shared by two are now on the shoulders of one.  Even though many chores may seem small to some, they become mountains to those of us on an emotional rollercoaster.  That being said, we have to realize challenges don't go away if we ignore them.  Lets start with a small issue...
I have a few tools in my arsenal.  I have a hammer, a tape measure, and a flat head screwdriver.  I can never find them when I need them because I have no idea where I left them.
When I received my new vacuum cleaner and I could not find the proper tool to put it together  I decided to do something about it so I would be prepared next time.
The challenge...             Nice new vacuum
 ...No way to put it together:-(
The solution......Stock up to complete this task and to prepare for future undertakings.
So off I went to Amazon, (I get free shipping:-)
First I need a place to put my tools so I can always find them, a tool box.
Now for some tools.....Screwdrivers.  I needed the Philips head.
I decided to get a few other things to fill my tool box.  Things I have needed over the last 2 years and because I did not have them I either did not start the job or I made do without them.
A Utility Knife.  I have been using my steak knives to cut things other then steak so this was needed and less then $5.00.
A flash light because I don't have one.  The other night during a severe thunder storm the lights were flickering on and off.  When the lights did go out I tried to use my cell phone but that was like holding up a match.  I did manage to light some candles.  

I had to get Caleb the Silly Robot Flash Light...
Last but not least I got an electric cordless screwdriver.  I had wished I had one of these several times and because I did not a few jobs were not done...
Now I am ready for anything right?  Well maybe not anything but I can get some jobs done that need doing.  I was tempted to try to put the handle on the vacuum with the flat head screwdriver but I want  do it right so I wait for my Philips head.

If you, like me, get overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life, I find if you take a deep breath and focus on one job at a time it  becomes a bit easier.  I think if we push through we can surprise ourselves with the work we can get done on jobs both large and small
Hang in there guys.  We can do this.
God Bless!


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