Video Podcast #2 My Story My Divorce....Based on a Guest Post

What a week.  I had to pay thousands of dollars to my least favorite uncle...Uncle Sam.  He is not a nice uncle.  My home was broken into by bad guys..large brick through my window, my dog terrorized, belongings stolen, and house left in a shambles.  I was exhausted when I recorded this, I still am.  But you know what?  The podcasts must go on....rain or shine!  So here I go.  I decided to do one take....I'm just keeping it real:-)
Joe on phone.  24X zoom on the Nikon P510
Lots of beautiful cats.  I could live with one or two but 550 is another story.
Damage done by the bad guys.
 The Brick
Remember that in everything God walks beside us.  When we have to payout money to our evil uncle, when bad guys break into our home, when we are thrown away by those who promised to love us.  In all of the good and the bad God is always there.  Remember he promised that he would never leave us or forsake us.
God Bless!


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