Runaway Husbands by Vikki Stark

You know me.  I am always searching for sites for women going through the devastation of divorce.  I found a site called "Run Away Husbands" If you are going through this trauma in your life I suggest you check it out.  Nikki Stark has written a book called "Runaway Husbands".
I bought the book and I am in the process of reading it.  I may have already read it but in my state in the beginning of this process, many times I was just going through the motions in spite of my pain.
Below is a quote from her site, to which I can relate....

"The reason that Wife Abandonment Syndrome is so 
traumatic is that the change in the husband's behavior is dramatic, 
sudden and unexplained.

In order to justify his decision not to include his wife in the process that led to the end of the marriage, he needs to come up with a compelling explanation for his actions. That explanation often has little to do with reality, causing the bewildered wife, who had previously trusted her husband's word, to wrack her brains trying to make sense out of something that is inherently nonsensical.
The type of man who abandons often appears to be unusually moral and trustworthy, making it even harder for the wife to accept that his words are empty justifications. The most important first step in healing for a woman in this situation is the realization that her husband is not the man she thought she knew and that he never was."

All so true and extremely sad.
Check out her site and her book if you too have been abandoned.  
I am finding it to be relative, informative and helpful.
God Bless You
Remember Gods Promise
"I will never leave you or forsake you"


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