My Story My Divorce Video Podcast….My first attempt:-)

I thought I would try something new, video podcasting. Is that one word or two?  I don't know, I am completely new at this.  When I went to the Pub Sense Summit a few weeks ago they said podcasting, (one word, I looked it up:-), is a way to get your product out there.  In my case my book and my blog.
So I sat in my living room with only the existing lights. I used my Nikon P510, and literally placed it on the tripod because I could not figure out how to truly attach it to the tripod.  You can hear Brodie and Roxy squeaking their toys in the background.  I learned, yet again, that I have a lot to learn.  Hopefully with time, research and an investment in the needed equipment, I can produce an adequate podcast.  
Here goes… can laugh at my first attempt all you would like.  I will laugh with you. 

….Roxy and Brodie, the extras in the movie….
….Movie Beverage….

I enjoyed the wine too!

Remember God's Promise
"I will never leave you or forsake you"


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