Quest Post: "10 Christmas Survival Tips For The Newly Divorced" by Mary Jo Ramini

I found this article on a web site called Your Tango.  Seemed to fit the season.  I will post my comments in red.

10 Christmas Survival Tips For The Newly Divorced

Missing your kids and feeling alone at Christmas? Try these 10 tips to lift your spirits.
6.  Watch a movie that makes you feel uplifted. (There are several Christmas movies I love.  The Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf…)
7.  Do something creative. Maybe a room in the house needs to be painted. You are alone, and no one said that you cannot decorate or fix up the house on Christmas Eve. Make it your own holiday, and do what takes your mind off your loneliness. (I will clean my study.  It is filled with  disorganization since I have had to take over all the household responsibilities.  A learning curve for sure.  Maybe getting a bit more organized will help:-)
8.  Remember that divorce shatters both partners’ self esteem. This is not a good time to be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Much wiser to call an old friend and ask them if they can listen for a while. (Not even close to looking for another relationship.  Friendships are another story.  I am finding that friends are what keep me going:-)
9.  Write your story. The more people can write about their thoughts and feelings the quicker they can work through them and gain understanding. Who knows, you may be creating a best seller. (I am writing a book and blogging my story.  It is therapeutic and my hope is that it will help others on this difficult journey)
10. Light a candle, turn on soft music and pray. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and this part of being a human is painful. (Very true.  Knowing God walks beside us is a very powerful thing and I am thankful)
Most people are afraid of being alone. For many the fear keeps them trapped in broken relationships  and broken families. If your marriage didn’t work out, and you do find yourself alone at Christmas, celebrate the fact that you aren’t trapped in a marriage that was broken. Look to tomorrow, believe in the lessons you learned today. You're going to be okay. 
–Mary Jo Rapini
I hope that if you are in this difficult transition of divorce that you are able to find some joy this holiday season.  Try doing some of the things that Mary suggested, I know I will.
Blogger question
What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
Remember God's Promise."I will never leave you or forsake you":-)


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