My Story My Divorce, Page 14 ….The Depositon of "X". "I Plead the Fifth"

Just what is the Fifth Amendment? I found one answer on
"Under the  Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, anyone suspected of committing a crime has the right to remain silent when questioned by police or prosecutors.  In other words, if truthful answers to their questions would prove you committed the crime, you don't have to answer them".  
Well, this makes absolutely no sense to me.  It allows people to hide the truth, but as my attorney said during the very long Deposition of "X".  "…claiming the Fifth in a civil proceeding carries a negative inference to it".  
None of this seemed to matter.  The Fifth was claimed/spoken by "X" more then 40 times during the deposition.  Should tell you something right there.
Although my family does not know the truth my friends do. One friend, Vanessa says "What's done in the darkness will eventually come into the light"  


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