Finding Joy."40 Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life" from the Huffington Post. #10

I try to seek out joy.  I try to see God's Beauty even in the pain.  With that in mind I decided to be deliberate about finding joy.  On the Huffington Post web site there is an article that gives you 40 ways to find joy.  I selected # 10 because I have already done it.  I can't say it was for no reason though, it was halloween after all, but it sure was fun.
"10. Dress up in costume for no reason."
Dressing up for Zumba.  What a great time with my friends….

 Dressing up with Caleb on Halloween night.  He was a Dragon Monster and I had a little headband with Frankenstein faces on it.  We had a great time searching out candy in his neighborhood….
 There is joy and beauty all around us.  Sometimes we need to seek it out.
Wishing you a joyful week.


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