Book Club…"When He Leaves" by Kari West and Noelle Quinn

There are several things in my life that fail to bring me the joy they once did.  The healing process is just that, a process.  I used to read all the time.  I was in book clubs, reading several books at a time.  I would study the books then search for the answers to the questions found in the reading guides. I used to love the world of books.  Not so much since my transition began.  I have managed to read one book in a year and a half.  I find myself reading bits and pieces of books.  I am slowly reading the Bible, I like books with short chapters, I guess because my mind is always wandering.  I am reading When He Leaves by Kari West and Noelle Quinn.  Yes, it will be while till I finish and that is ok.  I thought I would share a few quotes I found in my reading, thus far, that struck a cord with me.

"You are not alone.  You belong to a sacred sisterhood, the wounded , the rejected, the betrayed.  You are seeing the truth, and in the horror of its light are shaken, battered and bruised.  But you do not give up.  You get onto bloodied knees and start to crawl forward again.  Like a drowning woman, you reach out for a lifesaver, anything floating"
(I know all to well how that feels)

"It would be better to die, you sometimes tell yourself.  You pray for courage to stand what you see.  You hope for the strength to get through the next moment, the next hour, the next day"
(In the beginning for me I needed strength to get through the next second)

"Do you think he's having an affair?" "No. Not him. He'd never do that.  We're a Christian family"
(I had asked that very question several times in our marriage 
and responded the same way.  "No. Not him he is a Christian)

"I wonder what else I don't know?" 

"Everything in your life is on time.  Even this.  don't hurry the future.  Live the present.  Even embrace your pain.  God will heal the past as you move forward one baby step at a time"
Noelle Quinn

"I will go before you and make the crooked places straight"
Isaiah 45:2  
Scripture found on page 35 of the book

If you are traveling this road I suggest you read this book.  They share the truths of what happened in their lives combined with the hope we have in God and the encouragement that you/I will make it through.
Stay strong.  Hold onto your friends and your faith!


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