My Story Continued……Page 3..." A Single Lie Can Make All Your Truths Questionable"

Not sure where to start with my story.  I am still learning of events that I was completely unaware of.  Many things had happened in the church he pastored. I have apologized to many folks on my soon to be X's behalf.  Lets continue from the beautiful anniversary in the mountains.
In the months that followed there was a palpable change in our relationship.  I can't tell you for sure when it occurred but it did not go unnoticed.  Suddenly X was rarely home.  Work kept him away, business trips took up much of his time away from home.  Many, many trips to Minnesota, I believed, at the time it was for work.  I don't think that was the only reason he enjoyed Minnesota….more to follow on that.
Many days I would not even see him.  He would come home only to sleep.  When he was home he stayed on his computer, that I bought him, or would lay on the couch and watch TV, that I bought him.  When I was ready to go to bed I would come to him to say good night.  Sometimes I would get a peck on the lips and then he would go right back to the computer.  Other times I may get a kiss on the forehead and then he would go right back to staring at the TV.  I remember one night standing outside his door wanting to go in and just be held.  My gut told me not to.  In my heart I realized something was just not right.
I asked him on several occasions if he was having an affair.  His answer was typically.  "No.  I am just really busy at work.  Do you want to see my work schedule?  I love you baby I am just tired"  I tried to believe it but deep down I know there was something hidden.  It was not an honest answer.
At one point between Oct and May my soon to be X told me he was going on a weekend business trip, a trip to Fla.  At that time he had two bosses in the same company, different locations.  He told me that his boss from Durham was sending him for some type of training.  He told me his other boss did not need to know he was going to training and that he had told him he was going to meet some buddies in Fla.  It just so happened that "the other boss" attended the church we were attending.  X told me I was to tell his boss that he was with friends in Fla. if he were to ask me on Sunday.  I said "I am not going to lie for you".  I said, "if you are doing all this lying at work how am I to know you are not lying to me".  His reply was "I would never lie to you baby. People lie at work all the time".  This did not sit well with me.  I would later find out the truth behind his lie when he was questioned in court.  More to follow on that…..

"The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit"
Psalm 34:18
My story….to be continued….


  1. I know about lies. Ex used to sit there eating a taco and tell me he was eating a hamburger and he was so convincing, I would think I was crazy, and that taco in his mouth was really a hamburger. It's because you want to be able to believe your husband.

  2. Sad isn't it Marcy. We must face each new day and give it to God and search for joy. Hard but we must try!

  3. I know all about lies. My X said once that he had told a mess of them. My advice is trust your heart and not your head. My heart knew long before my head would let me believe the truth. I knew deep down in my soul something was wrong. I just didn't want to know the truth because my world as I knew it would change. TRUST YOUR HEART!


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