A Woman is Like a Tea Bag….

I came across this saying at a local consignment store.  It is so true.  It is not that you want to be "strong" but sometimes it is forced upon you.
My entire life has changed since my husband decided to leave me.  I had to spend thousands of dollars on professionals.  Money that could have been spent for the good of my family and for a happy and bright future.  Sometimes we have no choice in the matter.  I have had the expensive pleasure of dealing with an amazing attorney, a digital forensics specialist, that found disqusting evidence on a computer, a private investigator that found at least 2 women in my soon to be Ex's life, a deposition where my soon to be Ex pled the 5th so many times that it would be funny if it were not so sad.  Bank statements that paint a very sad of picture of misplaced trust, on my part.  And that is just the beginning…
Now I have to establish my new life with very little.  I continue to be dipped in hot water, I continue to give it to God knowing that strength and hope come from Him.  I continue to lean on my friends that offer support, prayer, laughter, care and friendship.
If you are going through this too just know we are not alone.  We are sadly in the majority.
Keep the faith and as a very sweet old man used to say "keep looking up children":-)


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