Monday Morning Motivation

Monday Morning Motivation....Baptism

I remember being baptized when I was 18.  There was a large group of us in a field by a local pond.  We all lined up and we were immersed into the cool pond water.  I remember it being an amazing experience.  I was giving myself over to God.
Here we are many years later.  Over those years there has been great joy, lots of mistakes and hopefully learning from each of them, the pain of illness and death, the birth of two beautiful girls, the gift of Caleb my grand baby. And now the pain of an unwanted separation and pending divorce, which is like death but with intent.  But, now also, the gift of friends and the increasing knowledge of Gods love for all of us.
Yesterday I went to Cross Pointe Church.  I went by myself but was greeted by many folks around me that were very friendly and welcoming.  I enjoyed the music and the sermon.  I had noticed a large, what I would call, water trough on stage.  I assumed it was some type of sermon prop.  As I listened to Steve preach I forgot about the trough.
The service seemed to be coming to an end.  Little did I know it was not the end, it was kinda like the beginning.  We were invited to come up for baptism. I wanted to go but all these excuses came to my mind.
Your mascara will run.
You don't need to do this you have already been baptized.
You are not doing this for the right theological reasons.
You will ruin your clothes.
Do you really want to go up in front of all these people?  
This is totally outside of your comfort zone, you can always do it later if you must.
As this was running through my head I slipped off my shoes and joined the line of folks going on stage to be baptized.  
Yes my mascara did run, but that really didn't matter.
Yes I had already been baptized, but that really didn't matter.
No I did not know if I was theologically correct, but that really didn't matter.
Probably did ruin my sweater, but that really didn't matter.
I did have to go in front of many hundred people, but that really didn't matter.
I did step out of my comfort zone, but that really didn't matter.

Here is what mattered.....That it was my way of thanking God for being with me and sustaining me in this difficult time I find myself. It was a recommitment to God.  It was giving him my situation, it was giving him thanks, it was giving him my trust and confidence, and it was giving him "me".
Enjoy Your World:-)


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