"I Will Rise" by Shawn McDonald

Have you ever gone through something that rocks your world?  Something that you just can't handle on your own?  That is what is happening to me now.  I find that getting out of bed in the morning is the most difficult part of my day.  Sometimes I just want to pull the blankets over my head and hide.  With the help of my faith and my friends I have been able to get up each morning and face the day. This morning I was listening to a song that I hope will be true in my life.  Here the lyrics that touched me this morning.....
"Sometimes my heart is on the ground
And hope is nowhere to be found
And love is a figment I once knew
And yet I hold on to what I know is true

Yes, I will rise out of these ashes , rise
From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
I will rise

Cause He , who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be
And I will rise, yes, He, who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be and I will rise"


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